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Stylin Strings Sale April 1st, 2015 – 30% Off Select Mesh Pieces

Lacrosse season is in full swing and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Syracuse Orangemen are No.1 & No. 2 respectively in Division 1 men’s lacrosse. Once a year Stylin Strings goes through our entire inventory to reinvigorate our product offering by re-examining what our customers want. This helps us to stay current on all the fresh, new, and popular products that are going to be released in the near future. We decided to make an event out of this yearly occurrence so starting April 1st, 2015 we will be taking 30% off select mesh pieces. This year’s mesh sale includes every mesh supplier we carry. This includes JimAlax soft and hard mesh, Throne of String, 15 & 20mm East Coast Dyes, Gonzo and StringKing 2S & 2x. We would like you to know that none of these items were defective, some colors were just not as popular as others and we decided to pass on the savings to you. Keep Laxin!

Stylin’ Strings Custom Lacrosse Dye Job for Devon Wills

Devon Wills is to Women’s International Lacrosse what Tim Howard is to Men’s World Cup soccer. She is the USA goalie, and many people may not know of anyone else who could be considered interchangeable in regard to her position. I do not mean to overstep this particular accomplishment, nor do I wish to state that any of her other achievements should hold greater or lesser weight by comparison. Weighted significance aside, I simply want you to take a moment to appreciate how many accolades this player has. They are absolutely staggering.

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Maintaining Your Lacrosse Pocket: What You’re Not Doing!

Number 1
Not paying attention. Lacrosse sticks are the most important part of the game for any player. A lackadaisical attitude will hinder your ability to play, therefore making it less fun. Heads will warp, strings will break and stretch, pockets will wear due to time and use. Poor maintenance will result in poor play. Especially for those who are new to the game and may develop a disdain for it and give up on one of the oldest and greatest games there is to play. A young player is more likely to lose interest if he or she cannot play the game well. However, there are precautionary measures that can be taken to avoid this problem and many of them are fairly easy. Pay attention!

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Interactive Pocket Builder by Stylin’ Strings Lax

“I have had this idea for over 8 years and finally my idea is a reality”, says Dustin Dohm, owner of Stylin’ Strings Lax. My media team in-house has grown, as well as the technology to make it feasible for something like this. Our first website in 2001 had rotating Pockets. I shot them with one of the first digital cameras that had video. I used my old Technics 1200’s DJ turntables to set up the stick with the help of some random Home Depot parts. But good luck viewing the site back then when they were built in Flash with dial up connections.

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