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Why You Should Change Your Lacrosse Pocket Shooting String Configuration Now!

By now, every lacrosse player and parent should be aware of the NHFS pocket rule changes that will be implemented in the 2016 season. The main change is that all shooting strings must be within four inches from the top of the lacrosse head as well as pass a 90-degree stick check. A 90-degree stick check you have seen when a referee holds a players stick upside down to see if the ball rolls out freely. This means you must have straight shooting strings no more than four inches measured from the top of your lacrosse stick only arced with the top of the head. All players will need to conform to these revisions after this season and quite frankly should do so immediately this pre-season if possible.

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Early T-Bird Special: All Lacrosse Stringing Supplies 15% OFF

It’s February, which is lacrosse preseason, and we all know what that means, time to get your stick strung up for the upcoming season. Whether you play in a youth league, high school, college, and use mesh or traditional a good restrung pocket will have you game ready. If you are a stringer or your best friend is, now is the time to get started providing you with plenty of time to break-in and adjust to your new gamer.

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Maintaining Your Lacrosse Pocket: What You’re Not Doing!

Number 1
Not paying attention. Lacrosse sticks are the most important part of the game for any player. A lackadaisical attitude will hinder your ability to play, therefore making it less fun. Heads will warp, strings will break and stretch, pockets will wear due to time and use. Poor maintenance will result in poor play. Especially for those who are new to the game and may develop a disdain for it and give up on one of the oldest and greatest games there is to play. A young player is more likely to lose interest if he or she cannot play the game well. However, there are precautionary measures that can be taken to avoid this problem and many of them are fairly easy. Pay attention!

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The New Lacrosse Pocket Rules coming in 2016

We are reminded heavily of the NCAA rule change a little while back. The nervousness of the community was the same and the rule changes are potentially identical. We will get into the potentials in a moment. This should not be seen as a limitation, but rather another opportunity to let your creativity run wild. Rules are not made to be broken, but there are benefits to be gained for those who learn to work most effectively within the restrictions given.

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