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Avenger Limited Edition Dyes Exclusively by Stylin Strings

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Here at Styin’ Strings, we spend most of our time bringing other people’s ideas to life, and making other people’s games better. It is our passion and our pride, but sometimes we want to make something because either: a.) We know we can and no one else is able to, or b.) Because we want to use our art to represent something we love. So because of this we have decided to introduce the Limited Edition Stylin’ Strings Originals Series.

This is our way of getting the personal projects out of our heads and onto a stick. From time to time, when the constant drive of creativity will not leave us alone, we will make a limited run of a specific design, and offer them up to you. Once they are gone, we will just let them be, and never make them again. What you see here is the Limited Edition Stylin’ Strings Originals Series Design # 1.

I have been making Lacrosse Sticks for a very long time. There are few passions that have influenced me in my life more than this beautiful game. Comic Books are the only things that win out. I have read them since I was a child and they were the first thing that inspired me to sketch on a notepad, and realize art as a medium for expression. Furthermore it is about as American of an art form as it gets, and given that you cannot play a more American sport than Lacrosse, there is a shared sense of Americana between the two topics. With the new Avengers movie coming out, we wanted to join in the celebration of pure nerd-dom, and it resulted in our LE Avengers Lacrosse Head.

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We have made four of these heads. They come with the dye displayed here, and are strung with an immaculate 6 box traditional. Each stick was designed by Tyler Gladhill, Dyed by Frankie Fingers, and Strung by Tyler (T-Bird) Bortner. We chose the Warrior Evo 4 series as our frame for this project. We made 2 HS heads and 2 X spec heads. As I write this, I am unaware of how many remain, as 2 of them sold as soon as we released the project on Instagram, but that isn’t really the point. I want to bring these works of art to the lacrosse community to show how far you all can push the envelope.

As an owner of Stylin’ Strings I would like to say that it is an honor to be a part of this community, and everyone here at Stylin’ Strings Lacrosse appreciates all of the support that our customers and fans have given us over the years. I would like to thank my coworkers as well, as no other group could pull off the project that was just displayed. Stay tuned, as I am sure some other concept will come along and nag me until we have to bring it to fruition, and we will be here to show you it when that happens.

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