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The Art & Tools of Dyeing a Lacrosse Head

Stylin Strings is proud to be the first company to offer a full line of dye supply products for players to fully customize their lacrosse heads. Our lacrosse dye supplies make dyeing your lacrosse head at home easy and fun.

Dye Hard: The Next Big Thing

The art of dyeing your lacrosse stick is the next big thing in lacrosse, and has roots that date back to the 1980’s from Ulman lacrosse in Baltimore. It is the best way to fully customize and express oneself on the field outside of your pocket or head choice. Not only will dyeing your stick turn heads up close, but can be used to represent your nickname, number, team colors, logo, favorite superhero, or even the state that you are from.

We currently use RIT dye for all of our dye jobs at Stylin Strings and we are happy to announce that we currently offer a full line of Dye supplies including boxed powder dye, hot glue guns, glue sticks, dye bins, as well as vinyl letter stickers. Click here for our full custom dye product line.

WARNING: We would like to remind you that the dyeing process involves boiling water as well as colors that cannot be removed so please be careful, be sure to take your time, use gloves, and wear old clothes.

Dye Harder: Frankie Fingers and the S/S Dye Lab

Stylin Strings has been dying heads here for 15 years. Our dye lab is world famous for producing the highest quality dye jobs on the planet. One of our Dye Master’s Frankie Fingers has done some crazy designs over the years including the American Flag Dye Job, Maryland Flag Dye Job, and US Army Digital Camouflage Dye Job.

Some of his personal favorites are the “Stark” that resembles a popular comic book hero, the “Galaxy” and the “Constitution” dye which he personally created for Danielle Etrasco from the U.S. Women’s National Lacrosse Team.

As if that isn’t enough, Frank also heads up the University of Virginia dye project. Not into dyeing your own head? Leave it to the experts. Dyeing the perfect stick takes a ton of trial and error. We suggest testing colors and processes like the glue gun or stickers on a broken head before you try your gamer. We wasted a ton of heads throughout the years and worse case scenario you can always black the head out to deem it visually appealing. Click here for our full line of custom lacrosse dye jobs:

-Van O’Banion

P.S. When your masterpiece is finished, be sure to tag your creation on all of our social media sites.

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